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SAT Biology Mission in 12 days

SAT Biology Mission -12 days

Recently, I read Scott Young’s “Learning 4 years of MIT Computer Science in One year”,( : Please come back to my blog afterwards :D ) and this inspired me to try some cut-throat experiment which will really push me to my limit and challenge me as a person to work under pressure. Whilst he plans on learning MIT material in one year, my mission is to complete the SAT Biology Subject Test in 12 days.

Do I believe I might succeed? Probably not. This is a 2 year course, meant to be taught in throughout the Junior and Senior year with at least 150 hours of instruction. But I am going for 12 days.  From December 7th-December 19th. I have a feeling I will fail, due to the ridiculous time duration I am allowed. Then why I am doing this? Well, firstly, I am extremely interested in Biology and the concepts that exist inside. Secondly, I thrive on the idea of Challenge, pushing myself to the limits, and fulfilling my true potential. Whether I succeed or not, I promise this will be a memorable experience for both me and you readers. The point of this mission is not to pass (although that would be awesome!), but to challenge myself, to really force myself to focus and to exceed my limits.

My passion, motivation and love for challenge will give me a fighting chance in this difficult and time-pressurizing challenge.

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