The solution to Procastination

I’m pretty sure everyone of you suffer from something called “Procrastination”. It’s basically a period of time where you are not doing anything productive, and the “period” I am referring to can be something quite ridiculously long. In short, it wastes your time. I constantly suffer from procrastination. But that was the past. I found a cure to procrastination, and all you need to solve procrastination are the basic principles of “Parkinson’s Law”.

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

So for example, I have a project due in lets say, one week. According to Parkinson’s Law, it will take me a week to finish the project, because I have a week to complete the project and the law states that the work will expand to “fill the time available for its completion”. That’s all cool, but how does that have anything to do with solving procrastination???

Well, the magic lies here.

Pay very close attention to the line “the time available for its completion”. If you set a project to be due 2 weeks later, you will, as according to the law, complete it two weeks later.

What if I set my due time to 1 week? Or 3 days? Or 2 days? 

Won’t I be saving more time and be working more efficiently?

The key is  to make Parkinson’s Law work to your favor.

If you have a piece of homework due next week, don’t give yourself 1 week to do it, you’ll only trip over Parkinson’s Law and end up procrastinating. WHY not, give yourself an hour to do the homework? If that’s little time, feel free to adjust the timing until you know you can complete it and set you’re deadline to that time, the shorter the better. That will, Parkinson’s Law will still be effective but it will be in your favor. Try to set the deadline time as short as possible to maximize your working efficiency, because setting the deadline to the shortest possible time will allow you to SAVE TIME and therefore, you will have more time allocated to do other things (e.g. gaming, drinking coke, fun stuff :D)


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