JLPT 2 in One year

I have always been fascinated by Japan, a country so similar to China, yet so different at the same time. There isn’t one thing in Japan that fails to fascinate me, with exception of the porn industry there. Really!. The food, the people, the TV Shows etc. However, I cannot fully appreciate the beautiful culture without learning the language as Japan is a country where they believe there language is “all mighty” and is only for the “superior beings (the Japanese)”. That is why to fully appreciate the culture, a certain proficiency in Japanese is highly recommended.

Since September 1, I stated a Japanese project where the goal was to get to JLPT level 2 within a year and three months. The   JLPT stands for the “Japanese Language Proficiency Test” and it is mainly for foreigners in Japan for work placement. JLPT 2 is a near-native test which is only surpassed by the might JLPT 1 (scary…). I plan on taking the test next year December and the factor to determine whether my project was successful or not comes from whether I pass the test or not :D. It’s that simple. Getting a language to near native level in 15 months is quite a daunting challenge, but hey, whats life without a bit of fun? 😀

Since Japanese is an entirely new language to me with a completely different grammatical structure than that of English and Chinese, I will need to slowly adjust to the language. I am not living in Japan, which is a slight disadvantage, but I can use certain strategies to remedy the problem (e.g. go on skype and find some pen friends!).

I will keep you guys updated on how the project goes and wish me luck!


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